Each dress ordered from our site is made from scratch. Generally we need 10-20 days to process the order, and before your order is shipped, we will process your order and put all your items through its strict quality control tests. Therefore, Total Delivery Time is different from shipping time alone.

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time


Processing Time

The exact processing time of each garment is variable, and dependent on several factors (e.g. item design, fabrics and complexity). Designs which feature stitching, multiple materials, decorative embellishments, and intricate patterns may require additional time.

Rush service is available, you can pay for US $29.99 rush fee at checkout to have your order delivered in 15 business days. Please note if there are several dresses in your order, the rush fee might go up by a few dollars.


Shipping Time

We don't deliver on Sundays(GMT+8). We are using well reputed shipping companies, such as UPS, DHL, EMS, etc. The deliver time is based on the shipping method you chose. Currently we offer two shipping methods:

Expedited Shipping

This shipping method is the fastest available. Delivery times are 3-5 Business days to all major destinations.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Delivery times are  6-8 Business days to all major destinations.